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Potential & Kinetic

This is my ballista I made.

I made it with Jax, he was a very good partner, he was helpful and nice.

How it works is you pull back the string back onto the arrow hold, then you let go of the string and it should move.

if you have any feedback/comments please comment!




Homopolar Motor

This is a fun easy science activity to test out different reactions .

Stuff you need: Copper wire, batteries X1, Magnets, wire cutters.


  1. get 4 magnets, 1 battery and a decent sized piece of copper wire and a pair of wire cutters.
  2. . cut your wire and shape it into either a love heart, spiral or a normal arch.
  3.  then stack up the magnets on top of each other and put the battery on top.
  4. .then connect the copper wire to the top of the magnets and battery and watch the magic happen!
  5. this science activity is fun and easy for you to follow, so you should give it a go!
    When the electrons travel through the wire near the magnet’s field, they experience a special push or shove called the Lorentz force. This force acts like a tiny sideways nudge, trying to push the electrons in a specific direction.

Homopolar Motor

This  is  my  Homopolar  Motor  that  I  made  with my  group, it was really fun and sort of easy to make.

we used copper wire, battery, and 3 magnets. I was in a group with Noah, Tyler & Jackson.

It vibrated when we put them all together like the picture, I really enjoyed making this and I hope you make it too!

Here is the link how to make it PRESS HERE

Ben Heine – Pencil vs Camara

This is my Ben Heine blog post, this is a peice of art where you get any photo with colour and get a ripped piece of ripped paper and turn the rest of the image into anything you like.

I decided to do the rest of my dog and put myself sitting on top of the dog.

I also shaded the background of the rest of the papers background.

I am pretty proud of my art and hope you enjoy it as well,

If you have any advice/feedback please comment down below.

Information Animation

  This is the Animation that Me, Jackson and Tyler have made.

It was really fun but also challenging at the same time.

Why we chose to make a animation is because I want people to have a good time looking at it and also me and my group have had heaps of experience of making animations.

If you have any questions/feedback please tell me in the comments!

Using Your Webcam