SLJ:Joke Remake


this is a remake of one of my favourite jokes with my two friends Jonty and Jacob who go to waitakiri school 🏫


6 thoughts on “SLJ:Joke Remake

  1. Kia ora Kobe,

    My name is Theresa and I am one of the Summer Learning Journal commenters.

    This is the first joke of the day I have seen today that actually made me laugh out loud – thank you. I think the way you all committed to the video and performance really paid off well done!

    Humour is a full body thing, facial expression, movement, build up and you included all of this in your short clip. Are you into comedy? How did you feel making the video ? Did you think it was as funny as I did?

    Ngā mihi

    1. Thank you for the feedback Theresa I am not really into comedy but I am quiet funny at times I got 2 of my friends from up the street to help me who are surprisingly not doing SLJ I really enjoyed reading your comment byee ! Have a great day

      1. You’re very welcome!
        Great idea to get your friends to help out! Doing activities like these with friends is always a great time!
        That is surprising that they are not doing SLJ! I guess that means more prizes for you. I wonder if you could convince them?
        Or maybe they could help you with your acitivites?

        Have you got any more hang outs planned with them?

        Take care

  2. Kia ora Kobe,

    I really enjoyed the joke! You are funny and the video was really cleverly put together.

    It is wonderful to see you getting into the Summer Learning Journey. Only one week left!

    Keep up the great learning and blogging,
    🙂 Sharon – Te Ara Tūhura Education Programme Leader

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