my sister and I really enjoyed making this it was really really fun we had it with like way more footage and even bloopers but I wouldn’t work so we sped it up Byee ! 👋

One thought on “SLJ:OBSTACLE FUN

  1. Kia ora Kobe,

    That looked like so much fun and you both created such an interesting and challenging looking obstacle course!

    What a neat way to spend some time together working on a task – it certainly didn’t like you were working only having some fun. What were some of the challenges that you faced when either building your course and when you did the course yourself. Is this a course that anyone could do?

    I got the slip and slide out for my son the other day and had a go. It was just so much fun and I hadn’t been on one for way too many years! Ioved it.

    Keep up your awesome work
    Theresa SLJ

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