Month: April 2023

Grasshopper and the Butterfly

Once upon a time in the middle of a dark rain forest lived Tom (Grasshopper) and Jennifer ( Butterfly ) were standing on a poppy flower stem.they talked and talked all day long….. ” What’s your favorite color? said Tom. ¨ Blue.¨ they talked for so long that they didn’t realize  it was getting dark. So they sent along… But Tom took a wrong turn !! he was lost :(. he knocked on someone who he didn’t knows door. Then jenna came running to the door around a corner. Then she took Tom Home The end..

By Kobe 🙂

My Indoor Football Experience

My Indoor Football Team Has Some People From School In It.


Nate, Emilie, Harley, Ben And James.

For our First Game we got smoked 13-3 And We got a few wins i think it was 3ish wins… 

We Vs The Defenders For Our First Win 14-7.

Second was by Default Cause They Didn’t have enough players.

Third was our last game which was 16-1 Great way to end the season.

After our last game we got to have a sausage sizzle and we got chocolate and a soccer ball each.

I had a great time and i recommend it ( Action Indoor Sports Jrs )

Byeee – Kobe 🙂