Timmy’s Treehouse!

Friday 4 August, 2023

Timmy’s Treehouse!

Once upon a time Timmy lived in a huge treehouse that all his friends lived in with him Usain and Jimmy they loved sports all of there favorites were Football they all loved Ronaldo anyways..

One day they were sleeping and they heard a big bang coming from the kitchen Timmy and Usain went to go explore! When they got to the kitchen they saw a Purple and Pink glow coming from the cabinet when they tried to open the cabinet they got slung against the table and fell down!

They ran back to there room’s in fear they tucked themselves in and was out in the blink of an eye little did they know that meanwhile they were exploring Jimmy had disappeared! They woke up their parents  they rushed down the big spiral staircase in the middle of the treehouse and as they were looking outside they spotted in the corner of there playground they saw Purple and Pink goo all over the ground.

 they walked closer they saw Jimmy leaning against a tree sort of like he was hypnotized but he was blinking. Timmy  grasped on to his hand and dragged him back into the treehouse.

They all were so worried..

One thought on “Timmy’s Treehouse!

  1. Kia ora my name is Jeron thomas
    this reminds me when I jumped of my three house.It looks like it took a while to write it.

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