My Picture Book!

Hi Everyone!!. Me Jeremiah and Spencer made this.. It is about a boy called ‘Jackson’ he is very passionate about the environment and trying to clean it up…

Remember – Every little thing helps! So here is a reminder to say to pick up rubbish and put it in the bin.

My Map

       Hi Im sorry about the blurry writing I will write it down here –

 City – 4F H2 C3




( if anyone knows how to fix the blurry writing can you please tell me. bye thank you for reading)

the sandwich guys

I made this book with Azaliyah and Dee it was very fun and to make this. (we still haven’t finished.) I really am enjoying making this book if you have any questions or feedback can you please comment it so we can fix it to your liking .

-By Kobe, Azaliyah and Dee.

Grasshopper and the Butterfly

Once upon a time in the middle of a dark rain forest lived Tom (Grasshopper) and Jennifer ( Butterfly ) were standing on a poppy flower stem.they talked and talked all day long….. ” What’s your favorite color? said Tom. ¨ Blue.¨ they talked for so long that they didn’t realize  it was getting dark. So they sent along… But Tom took a wrong turn !! he was lost :(. he knocked on someone who he didn’t knows door. Then jenna came running to the door around a corner. Then she took Tom Home The end..

By Kobe 🙂

My Indoor Football Experience

My Indoor Football Team Has Some People From School In It.


Nate, Emilie, Harley, Ben And James.

For our First Game we got smoked 13-3 And We got a few wins i think it was 3ish wins… 

We Vs The Defenders For Our First Win 14-7.

Second was by Default Cause They Didn’t have enough players.

Third was our last game which was 16-1 Great way to end the season.

After our last game we got to have a sausage sizzle and we got chocolate and a soccer ball each.

I had a great time and i recommend it ( Action Indoor Sports Jrs )

Byeee – Kobe 🙂


My Camp Reflection

Waipara  Camp Reflection


Name: Kobe –  Date: 20 – 23 March 2023

Buddy: Vinny.


The morning of the camp, I woke up and felt very excited to try out the activities like kayaking and giant swing.


 I shared my bunk room with Ben Jaxon and Madhava.


 Someone I got to know better was Madhava.


 A new experience at camp was The Giant swing I have Never been so high other then the Auckland Skytower.


 My most memorable moment was the Air Rifle Shooting Range.  ( First Time I Shot A Gun. ( Air rifle ).


 My most challenging time on camp was settling down into our cabins. 


 My funniest moment was when Niah Got Pushed off her Kayak.


 If I could have a go at something again I would try the water slide in warmer weather.


 My favorite meal was the Burgers at the end.


  1. I would like to thank My Mum ( Gillian. ) for helping our group D.


  1. My advice to the camp planners for next year is to do the exact same thing.


  1.  My overall camp ranking is (highlight the number): 9


1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    8.5    9    10  


Thank You For Reading…. – Kobe  🙂