Blake NZ-VR

On Thursday we had guests from the Blake NZ-VR experience come and visit us, they were sharing videos about the ocean. Our instructor’s name was “Sophie.’ and we were watching the videos with our Inquiry groups.

We were watching the videos in the great tree (the big breakout room)  what we did was watch videos the purpose of the lesson was to learn about the ocean and it in its worst and best (protected and unprotected)

To help the ocean you can – not litter! take care of the beach and the ocean! and also take only the fish that you need to follow the fish size chart as well! –

My highlight was seeing the dolphins swim right next to you and the stingray coming right up in your face.

The VR experience left me feeling sad but also happy and excited I was sad because we saw tires and heaps of other rubbish and dead and infected animals that’s what’s sad 🙁 – but it was fun and exciting and that’s all that matters!

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