Month: March 2023

My Camp Reflection

Waipara  Camp Reflection


Name: Kobe –  Date: 20 – 23 March 2023

Buddy: Vinny.


The morning of the camp, I woke up and felt very excited to try out the activities like kayaking and giant swing.


 I shared my bunk room with Ben Jaxon and Madhava.


 Someone I got to know better was Madhava.


 A new experience at camp was The Giant swing I have Never been so high other then the Auckland Skytower.


 My most memorable moment was the Air Rifle Shooting Range.  ( First Time I Shot A Gun. ( Air rifle ).


 My most challenging time on camp was settling down into our cabins. 


 My funniest moment was when Niah Got Pushed off her Kayak.


 If I could have a go at something again I would try the water slide in warmer weather.


 My favorite meal was the Burgers at the end.


  1. I would like to thank My Mum ( Gillian. ) for helping our group D.


  1. My advice to the camp planners for next year is to do the exact same thing.


  1.  My overall camp ranking is (highlight the number): 9


1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    8.5    9    10  


Thank You For Reading…. – Kobe  🙂




Frog Life Cycle – Harley, Kobe and Archie.

            (Sorry about the blurry writing.)

Here is the writing


Made by Harley, Kobe and Archie

Lastly the frog will develop a pair of lungs inside its body to be able to breath air outside of the water and will also be capable of laying eggs and starts to eat insects like flies and ants plus many more.


 Firstly the female frog lays eggs on a lily pad above some water. they are called spawn they have a protection jelly layer to protect the spawn. 


   The Life Cycle Of A Frog


After a few days the spawn will hatch out of the egg into a tadpole. The tadpole eats the egg  they were birthed out of for nutrients. They will also start to grow gills and start to eat plants like algae.


Then after a few weeks the tadpole will turn into froglet the froglet slowly loses his or her tail.




Me, Harley & Archie Made a life cycle of a frog. We found a very great info source online. It gave us heaps of facts we also learnt a heap for Fi, also Online.  it was very fun searching for images, links, etc… Archie and I were looking for Info, and Links. While Harley was adding in Images, Arrows, Textboxes. We all had a amazing time learning about frogs and how to find the right income in google searching. ill add the link to our slide –> (HERE)

Byee – Kobe, Archie and Harley. Byeee.