Usain’s big day!

In a land far away lived Usain, he is a dragon he is also a mailman.

On his way to Ohio he felt unsafe for some weird reason as he was going down Ohio lane he saw a group of armed hunters with hunting rifles aiming right at usain’s wing, they started shooting at him he dodged all off the bullets except one.

he plummeted straight to the ground with a “Thud!” and he landed right in a hole, he shouted out for help but no one heard all he could here was his Eco he finally got the courage to try to get out he flew up as high as he could with his last piece of energy.

He just got a grip to the top and he climbed out with his sharp claws on his feet. then he sprinted to the house he was delivering to and then he dropped off the package and walked home thinking of one thing it was REVENGE! He went home to have a sleep and then came back the next day with a black pistol.

He threatened to shoot at them meanwhile his friend Jamal came up from behind and tackled the person who shot him and then Usain picked him up and threw him in the hole and said “How do you like it now HUHH.”


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